Applying paint without brushes

Image created without using brushes

Image created without using brushes

The aim of this exercise was to apply paint without using brushes and to concentrate on mark-making rather than creating an actual picture.

I used A3 paper and a selection of colours – cadmium yellow, cadmium red, phthalocyanine blue, yellow ochre and titanium white. Instead of brushes I used:

  • protractor
  • palette knive
  • shapers
  • toothbrush
  • sponge
  • kitchen roll

I had no pre-conceived idea of what I would produce and just played with textures that appealed to me. After a while I started to see shapes that would suggest a building  or a path and worked up some of these areas – though not too much.

I really liked some of the textures and the whole exercise is one that is good to do – as a warm up to something else or if I was a bit stuck for ideas because, although you are not creating a specific subject, the layers and textures start to suggest ideas.

Learning points

  • If I was doing the exercise again I would try not to overwork it as some areas got covered that probably worked better in their initial state.
  • Be interesting to try creating a specific subject without using brushes as there is only so far that you can control it – an exercise, perhaps, in going for free fall but having the confidence to know when to stop.

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