Part of the Getting to Know Your Brushes exercise involved painting a piece of fruit. I used mainly short, flat  1” and ½” brushes with a smaller, round brush for highlights.

Painting of apple

Painting of apple

In the initial painting session I kept the apple realistic and allowed myself to be more abstract and textured with the background. The result was an imbalance between the foreground and background and the whole picture was becoming overworked.

In the second session I worked more on the background trying to give more context without being too representational. I feel the result is better balanced but there is a bit of a gothic vibe going on.

Apple with blue background

Apple with blue background

If I was doing this exercise again I would think it through more. I dived straight in with only a basic preliminary drawing of the apple and didn’t consider the background which, I think, shows. In terms though of exploring the use of brushes I did use bigger brushes for this than I might have done and found it was possible to get a wide range of marks without using finer brushes.


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